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Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator

AC Regenerator


Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator
Power Handling: 100 Watt
Output Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz.
Output Voltage: (a)110 to 120 Volt Adjustable in 1-Volt steps (b)200 to 240 Volt Adjustable in 2-volt steps
Dimension: Width 17" Depth: 12" Height: 4" Net Weight: 24 lbs Shipping weight: 30 lbs.

Price: $850

Color: Black A 150 Watt Power amp is built in to generate a pure sine wave, noise free. The Output of this power amp can be adjusted to the ratings as above. This supply may be used with any LCD HDTV displays rated at power consumption of 100 Watts or less, with improved picture quality and more stable operation. It cannot be used with any AC appliance rated at more than 100 Watts. But it will handle two of Monarchy Audio's DA08SE 300B power amps, or one SM-70 PRO.


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